Yes, I’m a Clevelander, (proud of it) … but this SNOW!!

The city of Cleveland has a wonderful sense of humor. Tuesday the temperature was 60 degrees, 24 hours later; 19 degrees plus 4-6 inches of snow. Even though I have been in Cleveland all my life you never get use to this Cleveland weather. Either you love it or hate it. This winter seems to be making us pay for the decent winters we have had in the past couple of years. I took the CSU picture on Tuesday and the very snowy day on Wednesday; 24 HOURS People!! With that being said, Monique has to find other things to do with her time, because I will not be out and about in the city during these cold weather spells. So, this is the time I spend to get my Zen! Read a book, listen to some Jazz or watch a movie. Have to grab some hot tea, or wine (all depends on the mood) and then I begin to relax. With my crazy busy life I have to find time to do this. What are somethings you do to find your ZEN! Tell me your thoughts.

Talk To You Soon,



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