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When I was younger, I always wanted to be one of those business women who wore suits. When I saw these ladies, I saw educated, power, respect, and class. It was my idea of how to dress for success. You can’t go wrong with the classic black suit. I always say whenever in doubt wear a suit. I would rather be overdressed, than not appropriately dressed. Now that I am all grown up, its funny to say that I’m actually not that fond of wearing suits. Yes, I wear them when I have important meetings. So I do keep a few as a staple in my wardrobe. Because lets be honest, Its never going out of style. I do change up the fit, as times and bodies change. I would definitely invest in a suit as you never know when the time comes for you to wear one. As black is the safest color, but far from basic. I do own suits that are blue, gray, white and one with pinstripes. Wearing a pant suit can make you look strong or intimidating, but if your feeling that is too masculine of a look for you and need to soften up a bit.Try accessorizing as a way to dress up your look. As a suit can be boring to some. I styled my suit with a soft black and white scarf and shoes with subtle designs to give me a  little spunk. As you can see from the picture above. Need more, you can add color with jeweled broch, or necklace. The possibilies are endless.

The Limited Black Suit Collection comes in variety styles of pants, dresses, skirts and jackets. So I am confident that you will find a fit apporpiate for your frame. What’s also great about The Limited is that they can tailor your suit to be custom fitted.So, check out the site here for more info. Its a great work wear option and I am very happy I made this purchase. As you can change it up and wear them with as separates with other items in your closet. So tell me are you fan of the pant suit, leave me a comment below!


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13 comments on “Work Wear Wednesday – The Limited Black Collection

  1. Erika Couto

    So Chic! I love a good power suit and this one looks great on you!

  2. amanda ripsam

    I’m a size 12 being short and a size 12 is hard work finding pants especially pant suits. Lucky I don’t have to wear them often but I agree with you that a dress suit does show respect, education and power. I love that it can also be fun and stylish.

  3. Jessica@ and Mis.chief

    Love this! With the right fit and accessories, a pant suit can be fun, sexy and stylish. You look great!

  4. Shann Eva

    I really love the pant suit. Looks great on you, and I love how you can then accessorize it with anything.

  5. Mags

    Love the black suit! I’ve always wanted to wear suits too, but worried they look to old or frumpy. This one is perfect and looks great on you!

  6. ARod@MakinMyAptaHome

    Well your looks smart and fabulous. Really like the scarf in black & white too. I’m not much of a color person myself

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