Vino For Two



IMG_1229Want to have a nice night out, but don’t want to be around the busy nightlife. I would recommend a wine bar. Cleveland have quite a few throughout the city. On this night I was introduced to The Fairmount Wine and Martini Bar located in Cleveland Heights.  I was able to catch up with a friend, able to have a good conversation, without having to talk extra loud to hear each other. With over 100 different wine selections I’m sure who will find a Vino for you. Small plates are available if you need a bite to eat. Come with the intent to get back with basics, there is no music playing, just the entertainment of your company, put the cellular devices away (unless your like me and need to take 100 pics)  and make it a good night, so bring somebody good! I will definitely be posting more of my favorite wine destination soon. Stay Tuned!

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