A Winter Must Have ~ The Ombre Scarf


Being born and raised in “The Land” , you kind of get use to the cold cold winters. Well… I guess you never really get use to this weather, but you prepare for it and adapt. So trying to express my sense of style without getting sick is quite a challenge, especially…. since I am not a fan of wearing coats. I normally break out my cold weather basics to keep me warm. Which brings me to my favorite winter accessory , The Scarf. I  kind of have a love/hate relationship with scarves.  They protect my neck from the cold, they let me show bit of style, but in the same breath they are horrible for the nape of my hair. So my hair is normally up and protected during the winter months. The Ombre Scarf is a beautiful piece of wonderland to me. Why do I love this scarf you ask?  Possibly its the transitions of colors, to being as light as a feather, or the ability to carry my favorite fragrance with me all day after one spray in the morning.  At the end of the day, it looks good. But I must admit I was not an expert with tying it. That took a lot of tutorials from Youtube and Pinterest, but I think I’m heading in the right direction and I am grateful for theses resources. You know you like a particular item when you  buy at least two or more in different colors which I did in the case of the Ombre Scarf. Where to find it? The Limited (here), and its on sale! So tell me what are some of your go to winter accessories?


Talk To You Soon,