Weekend Wear: 2 Piece Relaxed Jump Suit

So this past June I took a trip to Las Vegas for my B-Day, and of course I was going to do some shopping, But
I knew I wasn’t going to buy items that I can get right here in Cleveland. And I was pretty successful when I stop
by the Devanna Love Boutique. I left with quite a few pieces, but this was by far my favorite. A multi colored relaxed
2 piece jumpsuit. Which was fresh in, not even put out on the floor yet. Can you feel my excitement!

I love this outfit because it unique. The colored blend pops! The black sleeves and pin stripe down the side of the
pants are fabulous details. It has a relaxed fit, with a  draw string so that it is comfortable. Its funny because when I
first started to write this post I called it a jogging suit, which this is not. I was not jogging anywhere in this outfit. The crop
jacket shows off just enough skin to give off a little sexy. You can dress it up with a strappy heel and jewerly and be out
the door. There is nothing dull about this ensemble and I happy that I purchased it.

The boutique itself carries a wide variety of items, ranging from tops, pants, jeans, dresses, jackets, jewelry, shoes.
I’m sure you will find something you like. The young lady who helped me was great,even received a 20% off my
next purchase card. Definitely will be buying more items from here. To see more items (click here)  for thier website
or check their Facebook page out (here), I also follow the boutique and owner on Instagram so I’m not missing out
on any new items.So if you are visiting Las Vegas in the near future, go check out Devanna Love Boutique.
So what do you think about the jumpsuit Yeah or Nay? Leave a comment, tell me your thoughts!

Until Next Time,