Enjoy The Dazzle!



Cleveland has one of the largest theater district in the United States. Did you know that…we are number 2 or 3, all depend on who you ask, with New York of course holding the top spot. With 9 different theaters with performing arts ranging from broadway plays, dance performances, comedy shows, concerts attracting over 1 million visitors a year to see over 1000  plus performances. Arts Education is also a huge part of the theater district. My daughter was 2 time perfromer at IDEA Center. Check out more info (here). On May 14, 2014 Playhouse Square put on a huge party called :Dazzle The District” to unveil the worlds largest outdoor chandelier. I must say its a sight to see; its suspended 44 feet in the air with more than 4,200 crystals, the GE chandelier alone is 20 feet tall and sits right  at the intersection of East 14th and Euclid Avenue. That was only one part of the major makeover to the theater district, add the retro signs, welcoming gateways, marquees and improved outdoor experiences. It definitely a must see. But back to the arts…with The Lion King, Chicago, The Color Purple, and The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater to name a few  gracing  the stages of Cleveland. I say its must stop destination for locals and visitors. Need more info (here you go)! Were you there that night, what did you think? Leave a comment! 

Talk to you soon…