The Museum of Contemporary Art


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I like to escape from the everyday noise and do something more than the everyday hustle and bustle. This is why I am thankful the City of Cleveland embraces the arts. My go to for this kind of  day out was The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). As you can see the building itself is a masterpiece. What you may not know is the museum has gone through multiple names and location changes. Being founded in 1968  as The New Gallery, the museum was renamed the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art in 1984. Expanded its exhibition space, in 1990 the museum moved to a Sears store on Carnegie Avenue that is now part of the Cleveland Play House. In 2002, changed its name to Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland. In 2012 the new $27.2 million home for MOCA opened to the public at the corner of Mayfield Road and Euclid Avenue, adjacent to Little Italy in University Circle. 

Dinner With The Arts



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During my last visit at The Cleveland Museum of Art, I found out that you can have a nice sit down dinner. What a delightful surprise. Two of my favorite things to do eat and view art. You have two choices for your dining pleasures; for fine dining you have The Provenance, serving salmon, venison rack to pan roasted ohio trout. There is a bar too “Happy Hour” Wednesday the museum is open late, so that would be the best day to go. If you want to have a quick meal that is just as good try The Provence Cafe,