My Independence Day…….

HBP - 328 Monique


Oh My! I have not blog in over 2 months..Bad Monique! So I must apologize. Thank you for the messages of encouragement to keep blogging and also for your patience. I’ve missed you guys so much. I have been working on a few things personally and professionally that needed my immediate attention. So I can move forward with life. Sometimes we have roadblocks on our journey and I needed to look at myself in order to really understand why the blocks are there in the first place. Okay I got a little deep for a blog! But this is me! So I’m back, keep a lookout for my upcoming post. I been busy and I have a lot to share with you.The summer is here, Cleveland has been busy, and I can’t wait to share what the city had been up to. How will you be spending your Independence Day..with family,friends or just relaxing? Leave a comment!


Talk To You Soon……..

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