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During my last visit at The Cleveland Museum of Art, I found out that you can have a nice sit down dinner. What a delightful surprise. Two of my favorite things to do eat and view art. You have two choices for your dining pleasures; for fine dining you have The Provenance, serving salmon, venison rack to pan roasted ohio trout. There is a bar too “Happy Hour” Wednesday the museum is open late, so that would be the best day to go. If you want to have a quick meal that is just as good try The Provence Cafe,  I ate there at my last visits and as you see from my pic, I dined on the macaroni and cheese. Menu ranges from oven baked pizza, grilled sandwiches, to gourmet salad.  There is also dessert, wine and beer available for your pleasure. Happy to find this hidden gem in the city of Cleveland. So on your next visit, stay for dinner!


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  1. Sandy

    These pictures are really calm but loud all the same(refreshing)

  2. Dionna Goodwin

    Pics are great! Keep up the good work.

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