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I am a lover of art. The Cleveland Art Museum is one of my frequently visited places. The museum itself is beautiful; even more since the 350 million dollar renovation in which gallery space has been expanded. They have  added a fine dining restaurant, which I talk about (here). Enhanced the visitors experience with adding state of the art technology, in which you can interact and learn about the art on your iPhone or iPad. Oh! and admissions is FREE! Thats right free, there is a cost if you want to see one of the exhibitions or special performances, but overall its a steal. I love the creativity that is in someone minds and how it is translated through their hands. So no matter your love, there is something for everyone. There are sculptures, paintings, textiles, photography and much more. From all over the globe from African, Chinese, European, Greek and Roman to Contemporary art. So put on your walking shoes, a lesson I learned the hard way. The museum total floor space is 592,000 square feet, you can get your exercise in for the day. There so much culture to see. If you have never been to CMOA put it on your list of places to visit while in Cleveland. Its a must see!

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