The Return Of LeBron James


LBGThe city of Cleveland received some long awaited news yesterday. News that made complete strangers engaged in conversation, high five each other, and even hug. Yesterday Lebron James made another decision. This time around it went in our favor. Which made Cleveland and Ohio some of  the happiest sports fans in the world.  Well most of us.Yes, its been emotional roller coaster. Cleveland is a sport town, we love our teams, and athletes like family. So when one who means so much leaves, it hurts and we were not afraid to express that. But we never stop loving him. After reading the essay he wrote to Sports Illustrated  (here) to announce his return, I have a new found respect for him. He truly expressed what Northeast Ohio means to him and so many of us who reside her. We give Lebron the gift of FORGIVENESS, and welcome him back him back home with open arms.  Cleveland Over Everything! Check out this site (here) for merchandise to buy with this slogan on it.  So what were your feelings about the return of LBJ?




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  1. Sandy

    Although I was truly hurt by how LeBron left us, I’m deeply excited about his return. Home is where the heart is!!!!!!!!!!

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